I create Applications, that advocate Usability

I am a User Experience Expert with vast experience in User Experience, Usability Evaluations, UI Designing and User Research. I am also able to meet the demands of today's changing web, handheld and wearables technologies well. I have extensively worked on all the design stages of Desktop and Web Application development. I effectively take care of User Profiling, Task Profiling, Environment Profiling, Information Architecture Competitive Analysis. I am closely involved in working on the Market Segmentation. Beyond that I work with the Development team on Storyboarding, Prototyping, UI designing and Product Development. During the course of development, I work with recruited users and perform multiple rounds of Usability Evaluations. That includes Ethnographic Field Studies, Contextual Inquiry, Cognitive and Pluralistic Walkthroughs and Heuristic Evaluations.

Things I do

My Methodology...? User Centered Design!!!

Its important to understand and adhere to the User Center design methodology. These processes keeps user in the center of the entire product development life cycle. Only Goal: User Centered Design

“If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings.”

-David & Tom Kelley

My Skills

I started my career as a Web Developer. HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, JSP and others. Over a period of time, I transitioned myself into the field of User Experience and Usability. I expertise in both aspects of User Interface, UI Designing as well as UI development.

Usability Methodologies.

Sketching Paper Prototypes Wireframes Storyboards Usability Evaluations Information Architecture Journey Mapping Contextual Enquiry Task Profiling Content Strategy Heuristics Evaluation Cognitive Walkthrough A/B Testing Kano Model

User Experience.

Responsive Design Mobile UX Mental Model Participatory Design UX Agile

Information Architecture.

Card Sorting Primary Nour Affinity Diagram Journey Mapping

UI Development.

HTML 5 CSS 3 Jquery JavaScript Twitter Bootstrap 3 SCSS Meteorjs MongoDB

UI Guidelines.

iOS Human Interface Guidelines Windows User Experience Interaction Guidelines Android User Interface Guideline

Digital Marketing.

SEO Web Analytics Google Adwords Email Marketing A/B Testing Social Network Optimization Loyality Marketing Persona Management Mobile Commerce Mobile serach Mobile Payment Optimization Loyality Marketing

Project Management.

Altassian JIRA Gitlab Trello Asana

Software Quality Standards.

508 Standards WCAG W3C Standards

My Portfolio

Here are few of my work. I cannot post all of them due to copyright issues. But this should help you understand what I do and how I do.

Professional Experience

Over 14+ years of expertise in the field of Usability. Ability to effectively all UX related processes.Team Management, scheduling, reports, and tracking Extensive work with visual standards and front End Development Effectively incorporated UX in Agile.

Jul 2012
  • Tektronix, Bangalore
  • Software Design Engineer
  • July 2012 - Present

Jun 2010
  • Symphony Teleca, Bangalore
  • UX Designer
  • June 2010 - June 2012

Jul 2009
  • Professional Access, Bangalore
  • Snr UI Designer
  • 11/01/2010 - 10/03/2013

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