Case Study - Bluemoon Hotels



Bluemoon Hotel is a chain of hotels in Bangalore. They have 4 hotels in various locations in Bangalore. The hotels offer spacious accommodation and impressive leisure. They have courteous staff, great hygiene, free parking spaces, and world-class facilities. The hotels are located in all prime locations across Bangalore. And that makes it easily accessible fromĀ  Malls & shopping complex, Restaurants & Bars, City Center and Public Amenities. Bluemoon Hotels have been in business for more than 2 decades now.

My Role and Goals

In February 2019, I joined the Bluemoon team as the Design and Digital Consultant. My Role was to

  • Fix all Digital and Social Media assets
  • Setup missing Digital and Social Media channels
  • Get all design artifacts streamlined
  • Work on the redesigning of the Bluemoon Hotel Website
  • Update the existing

I worked with the Bluemoon team for 5 months till June 2019. During that time, we completed everything that we planned and implement successfully. Bluemoon Management was very helpful and approachable. They helped me getting everything that I needed and helped me to implement. They gave me all the needed support in implementing our thoughts and plans. I enjoyed every moment working with the Bluemoon team.


My first task was to identify the customers of Bluemoon Hotel. I started my User Research with my discussion with Hotel Management and staff. I had several rounds of discussions with them. I also met and had several rounds of discussions with different hotel staff. This gave me great visibility of the hotel’s guests, their expectation, their needs and desire, and their asks. I also worked closely with the Digital Marketing team. That greatly helped me get an insight into the guests who were visiting the social media channel of Bluemoon Hotels.

User Profiles

After discussing with all stakeholder, we identified “Business Travellers” as the Primary profile for Bluemoon Hotels. Business Travellers are those professionals who travelled to Bangalore from all across India on Business trips. They stay in Bangalore for 3-4 days on their business trip. They are in the age group of 37 to 50. They are either Sole Proprietors or representatives of companies they work for. They generally travel alone or in groups. This means they could be booking one or more than one room, depending on the size of the travel group.

Task Profile

  • Here is the list of task that has been identified for this Case Study.
  • Task Profile


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Final Words

Bluemoon hotel is a classical example of Business Transformation through the adoption of Digital Technologies. The Hotel Management decided to adapt Digital Technologies, Social Media, Data Visualization, Hospitality industry aggregators, Booking Engine, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and User-Centered Design thus aligning the design towards the customer. Bluemoon hotel has been re Introduced to its customer in a new avatar. Customer belief in Bluemoon Hotel as a brand has become more and more firm over the period of time.